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Scratch Removal

Scratches come in two basic types. Shallow scratches which rest on the clear-coat or base paint deep scratches that extend into the primer or even into the metal. Shallow scratches can be repaired in just a couple of hours by sanding the surrounding paint to level with ultra-fine sandpaper, buffing the area, and then waxing the area to seal the repair. Deep scratches require more time and care, and often require the area to be repainted, however the repair can more than likely be completed within a day.

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Lifetime Guarantee on all Repairs!

We are a locally owned and operated family business, committed to performing quality auto body repairs and providing unmatched customer service.

Full Service Collision Repair

Let us bring your car back to life and onto the road again. 

Paint + Body Work for all Makes and Models

Let us make your vehicle look like it did before your accident. 

Restoration of Classic Cars

Phoenix Collision is also the premier choice for full classic car restorations.
Phoenix Collision Owner - Tressa Hartman

Tressa Hartman

Owner & Business Manager
Phoenix Collision Owner - Matt Milkent

Matt Milkint

Owner & Shop Manager
Randy of Phoenix Collision Prepping a vehicle for painting.


Dent Removal

Phoenix Collision technicians understand and can repair non-collision dents that also occur on your vehicle. The time it takes to repair a dent comes down to the relationship between the dent's depth and diameter. A large, shallow dent is easier and quicker to repair than a small, extremely sharp dent. We can professionally remove both types and will provide a fair estimate based on time and materials.

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